Wednesday, June 27

I have a limited amount of private view tickets, but if anyone would love to come, please don't be shy to ask. (Private View: Wednesday 11th July 2007 6.30-9pm).

Monday, June 25

Big News...

...What a day! Today I got sort of propositioned to go to Chicago (and I don't mean the musical either). Unfortunately not by the right person. But the big news is that I'm leaving 'Liberty.' By the time I leave I would have been there a year. I feel sad about going and as is usually the case with me, it was a bit dramatic. I didn't actually intend on doing it today... it was a bit of a whim.

Time for me to come out of transition and move onto the next stage of my life. I feel like I'm tying up all the loose ends.

Sunday, June 24

The Fruits of my Labour....

I spent most of my day exerting a bit of damage control on the children's work. Which is going on exhibition at the OXO Tower from 11th July (that's the private view date). Unfortunately the kids, bless 'em, didn't give me much to work on with the peach. Not even I could recify that situation. I also took the last minute executive decision to turn a strawberry into a tomarto. What a fun filled day!

Whilst labouring away, I've been listening to the radio all day. I think that you always discover new music, that you wouldn't normally listen to, on the radio. For example: I heard (I'm affraid to say this, and tarnish my hard rock image, but oh well, I'm a softy at heart) Nelly Furtado 'In God's Hands.'This song tugs on my heart strings for sure.

Wednesday, June 20

Obsessively Blogging....

....I've been blogging and moaning alot for the past couple of weeks. I thought I'd make the most of it before chaos disends upon me and my colleagues, next week. I was tidying my art materials (for about 5 minutes, before I got bored) and found this paper that I bought a while ago, for a purpose that escapes me. I think I'm actually starting to collect paper for fun. Anyway I bought a note pad block today to make a diary and I'm thinking about using this paper as the cover... with a mustard leather spine? However, I suspect that the leather may be too heavy for such a small binding!? Wow, I feel so knowledgeable. Did I mention I was a member of the Society of Bookbinders!?

I've learnt a lot about bookbinding in the last 6/7 months... namely that I was doing it all wrong. By now I would be an expert bookbinder (if my manager would have allowed me the one day off to do the course I wanted...yes, I'm still slightly bitter about this). I'm sure my lack of naturally flair and impatience will win through in the end!

I love Baroque... the beginning of the year, I had a 'thing' for burlesque...and at the moment I seem to have baroque on the brain. Maybe it's an Italian thing. I've been thinking about the design of my website and some work to surround this. I've been very inspired by the baroque movement. People have always described my work as being very 'baroque,' but I think it might be a good opportunity to play on this a bit. Usually I look at art and think to myself "hmmm that's very baroque,' it's like a sixth sense! However, I guess it's about time that I did a little more in depth research into the movement, because to be honest I wouldn't be able to give any evaluation of the movement. Going to Italy soon will also be a good opportunity, I'm counting down the days! I'm really needing to get away from some stresses in my life. I feel very envious of people, like my friend Vincenzo, who can whizz around the world, like it's not a big deal. I'm hoping that some mediterranean sun and gelati will cure the pain!

The National Gallery 'Grand Tour'

All around Soho and Covent Garden, The National Gallery are putting famous paintings, like the one below... obviously not the originals! Where I work in Carnaby Street, there are a few. I discover a new one each day...this one is near the benches where I have my lunch on gloriously sunny today. There is also one outside my 'office' as I affectionally call the Pret a Manger in Carnaby Street (they make the best soya mocha's ever). What a great idea though!?

P.s. I'm still praying for the return of my website. Feeling quite anxious about it all.

Tuesday, June 19

Feeling NOT- so optimistic.....

....I pray to the God of Internet to have mercy on me and restore my Website to it's former glory., I love and miss you!

Monday, June 18

Feeling Optimistic......

.....couldn't resist publishing a quick note, to say that after my week of discoveries, I'm feeling very optimistic. My website has been lost in cyberspace for days but hopefully it will be brought back to life within 24 hours....fingers crossed! Noticed that I've been neglecting my bookbinding, which I plan to resolve asap....need to start making some more of those incredible books that deliberately (by accident) don't open! Now that I'm a fully paid up member of the society of bookbinders, I need to keep up with my "contemporaries."

p.s. I had my hair cut today (for me it's worse than going to the dentist). Lost approximately 1 entire inch....

Saturday, June 16

Liberty Arts and Crafts Exhibition 2007

Every year 'Liberty' has an arts and crafts exhibition. It is definately worth a look if you are in the area. As people who know me will know, I have a bit of an obsession with all things Art Nouveau.

Follow this link for information

Sunday, June 10

I've been working hard all weekend. Finishing paperwork, researching, planning my website, as well as making this 'get well soon' card for a friend who is unwell. I've got a punishing week of late shifts ahead of me and tons of other commitments relating to the teaching placement. Can't wait for the weekend already, all one day of it, that is!

Saturday, June 9

A Sneak Preview....

This morning I sat in Cafe Nero to put to paper my ideas for the launch of my new website. Obviously, it's in the early stages, and I don't plan to relaunch my site until November-ish! However, I'm really excited about the concept, which will probably alter in the development process. But as a starting plan, I'm really happy with it.

Friday, June 8


....Does anyone out there know of any good web design short courses. For the longest time I've been trying to find the right course to enroll on, but none of the one's I'm finding seem to meet with my very special criteria... Which is that it is a short course (evening or day, not fussed), but that it be focused on using dreamweaver...I'm quite good with HTML, so I guess I have some basic foundations...Oh, and that it costs less than £470... unfortunately I'm not that minted, LCC! If anyone has any insider knowledge of the web design kind please share it with me, I'll be most grateful...

Sadly the plans and designs I have been making for my new webpage are far more advanced than my skills on the computer!

Wednesday, June 6

The rather manic year plan I wrote whilst high on Soya Mocha's!

Doing Create to Learn Paperwork...

Today me and Charlene met up to do some outstanding paperwork for our teaching placement. Here is a picture of Charlene hard at work and me staring into space (not an unusual accurance, particularly when I get a little peckish and my mind becomes a great vacuum!)

Tuesday, June 5

A day off in London

Today the weather was amazing and what makes it better is that I had a day off. I started my day with a couple of coffee's and some brunch in Pret. Where I read my book and wrote an action plan. Generally relaxing. After two double shot soya mocha's (my favourite coffee) I was a little hyper to say the least...I went on to buy some paper in 'Falkiner's' for a couple of projects that I am planning. After this, I met Charlene back in Carnaby street and sat in the sun for a while. I then walked to Bond Street to the Alexander McQueen shop to spend the voucher I got for my birthday and consequently add to my very small, but growing collection of Alexander McQueen skull scarves. After this I went to 'Lina stores' in Soho (the best Italian food delicatessen in central london). Also, I love the fact that the owner talks to me in italian (it's good practice). I bought some olives, cheese and home made pasta (food for thought and creativity?!). A long but enjoyable day... now I'm back home and researching some art projects. Today I'm feeling very positive about future ventures.....

Sunday, June 3

A New World Exhibition...

.... I went to the British Museum today with Will, to see 'A New World Exhibition.' It's about the discovery of America, described through drawings, watercolours, maps and book illustrations. I DEFINITELY recommend visiting this exhibition. I feel very inspired...
Also note the photograph taken by my 'accomplished photographer' friend, Will. Well he thinks he is anyway....