Wednesday, April 30

work in progress....

Here is the work in progress home page image, for my new website.

P.s. I went to see THE Eartha Kitt last friday at 'The Pigalle Club' in Piccadilly. It was AMAZING!!!! The club was very intimate, the perfect venue. I was also chuffed that the gig was not mobbed, the ticket numbers must have really been limited. Unfortunately some idiot spilt red wine on my new strawberry print Betsey dress. Not good!

Tuesday, April 22


I had a meeting with my website designer today. If all goes well, hopefully the new website will get underway in early May. I have some art work to get cracking on with before anything can happen, so I'll be busy for a couple of weeks. The new project (the playing cards) will be on hold until then. Stay posted!

Wednesday, April 16

I am Working.....


Tuesday, April 8


I always regretted not having a 'comments book' for my MA Illustration exhibition and this time I almost forgot again. However, a couple of days before the Private View, Charlene reminded me! I quickly put together a book for the exhibition.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, here are some of the comments left....

P.s. I had another meeting with my mentee this morning. I have to say I am so enjoying being a mentor for young artists. I never knew just how rewarding it would be.