Thursday, August 30

CIA Exhibition

Tonight I went to the CIA Exhibition. My friend and colleague from MA Illustration 2005/6, Susan Burghart, had her work included in the exhibition. She is one of my illustration idols...

Covent Garden Food Market

After the Private view, me, Sarah and Solla went to the Covent Garden food market...I love food so much...we got to look at all the beautiful cupcakes and taste free samples of cheese. I even got told off by 'Neal's Yard' for saying that Italian cheese is the best...The truth hurts!

Monday, August 27

A page from my sketchbook

Saturday, August 25


....for the last few days I've been working on a couple of illustrations. I've decided that for once, I'm not going to post up the work in progress pictures, as I'm becoming superstitious in my old age...and I so want these illustrations to be break through images.

As my work is incredibly emotionally driven, I've spent a great deal of time thinking about where artists draw their inspiration from, whilst I've been drawing. It intrigues me intensely! For me, nature, feelings and music are my main sources of inspiration...I get incredibly passionate about ideas that touch my heart. To the point where I wake up and the first thing I think about, is that image, and it's the last thing I think about at night. It can sometimes feel like a passionate love affair. This is when I know that it's right! I've been trying to track my creativity in relation to lifes up's and down's, in order to understand the process, and it's been really interesting..I will carry on thinking and enlighten you to any other interesting discoveries...

...anyway back to those illustrations!

Friday, August 24

The Rolling Stones!

Me and Charlene went to see The Rolling Stones last night at the was very inspiring to see Mick Jagger jumping around on stage like he was 25 for 2 hours solid! only complaint is that they didn't play 'Gimme Shelter,' in the set! I think that it is important as an artist to take in new experiences and be open to different art forms...including music concerts of the rock 'n' roll kind!

Monday, August 20

going back to my roots... year since my last costume design, and I've gone back to my one true love! Here is a picture of some work in progress drawings.

This morning I got 'The Society of Bookbinders' directory in the post and was very excited to see my name in lights!?

Naughty me bought a pair of Italian Shoes today...I should have resisted, but I blame the fact that I miss Italy so much...I feel like I'm heartbroken. The shoes will no doubt offer me some comfort in these long, cold, lonely nights.

More Excitement.....Apart from going to see 'The Rolling Stones' and staying a couple of nights in a plush central london hotel (thanks, Aunty Anne!). I've decided to learn Italian (the language of love!?) properly, once and for all! At 25, I don't think I can get away with refusing to speak my native tongue, in my homeland, anymore. Especially if I'm planning to live out there. Wish me luck!

Saturday, August 18

Back to Reality!

Today was my first full day back in London. I spent it catching up with a couple of friends and visiting my chums in 'Liberty.' On mine and Stephanie's travels we went to 'The Photographer's Gallery' in Leceister Square and stumbled across this restaurant...if you are ever in Drury lane, you have to visit it...the decor reminded me of a Leon Bakst set design...Looks like my idea of heaven:



Friday, August 17

An illustration idea a day keeps the doctor away!

When I was in Italy, I decided that amoungst all the relaxation, I should have at least one new illustration idea a day. That I should jot it down in my sketchbook. Not thinking about the final illustrations and not being precious with the quick drawings.

I'm Back from Italy!!!!!

I spent nearly 2 weeks in Sant'Elia Fiumerapido...picking figs in the garden, eating the amazing local food, drinking coffee, sunbathing, going for walks in the old part of the village and drawing! Spending my evenings in one of the village bars with a gelati...
I've come back looking and feeling more Italian. So much so, I'm seriously considering moving out there. Here are some photo's of my time in Italy:

Some Photo's from Rome:

Here are some photo's of my dad's village, Sant'Elia Fiumerapido....

Me at the Colosseum:

The Market in Cassino on a Saturday:

Religious prosession in Portella:

The 'Pizza and Beer Festival' in Sant'Elia on my last night:

Friday, August 3

For those interested in bookbinding.....

The annual 'Society of Bookbinders' conference is in York from 9th-12th August. Unfortunately, I'm otherwise engaged and won't be attending...

...follow this link for futher information