Wednesday, September 24


Just an update to show some work in progress. In honesty, I'm finding drawing in mirror image to be quite a challenge. My instinct is to draw without rules or guidelines and reproducing one side onto the other is quite restrictive. I am undecided as to whether this is a good or bad thing yet. I guess I will draw that conclusion when the piece is complete. Great challenge though. The working title for this illustration is 'Love is Symmetry...'

I was researching plant symbolism in art yesterday and was struck by the story behind the naming of the flower 'forget me not.' Apparently a young man was picking the flowers by a river for his lover when he fell in and died. The cogs are turning for an illustration based on this story......

today 8pm:

today 2pm:

Saturday, September 20

sneak preview of mirror image illustration

Monday, September 15

It's about time...

...that I 'finished' an illustration and posted it on my blog. I say 'finished' but I always struggle with knowing when to stop. Unfortunately these are just a couple of digital photos, I will professionally scan the illustration at a later date. This illustration is reversible, an experiment. All the illustrations in this series are technical experiments. One down, five to go......

'A Song for Guy' 2008
(lead pencil on watercolour paper)

'The Fable of Mythrian' by Ross Baker

The book that Guy's brother, Ross, wrote came out last week. He's a very talented writer and shares a lot in common with me, creatively. See below for a link to Amazon...

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Sunday, September 7

Ideas Update

Monday, September 1

What am I up to?

Well this week, I feel like I'm back on track with my illustration. I'm desperate to post up some pictures of a new break through illustration, however, I'm keeping my new project under wraps just for now. Especially from a certain someone who I know will check out my blog to foil my secret project. For now, I'm posting up a few rough sketches from my sketchbook that don't give away too much. I hope this illustration lives up to my expectations.

There are a few hectic weeks ahead for me so stay posted for further 'exciting' news and artistic developments...lets hope anyway!