Wednesday, November 28

Count down to Christmas......

Yesterday I picked up my 'luxury' business cards from the printers. I'm so pleased with them. On one side there is one of my illustrations and on the other is my details and an illustrated border....I feel like just handing them out on the streets of London because I'm so proud of them!

For the last two weeks i've really been affected by the season of good will but I have absolutely no idea why. I'm just hoping that it continues, as I've had a disasterous relationship with christmas in the past. I love the build up....eating mince pies, wearing mittens to keep the cold at bay, last minute christmas shopping, some more mince pies..... However I find Christmas day is always a huge anti-climax!

Anyway, today I've been packaging my illustrated Christmas cards in brightly coloured envelopes and correcting the annoying printing mistake!!!!

Now all I need to do is find the time to write them all.....

Friday, November 23

an exhibition of the work of Andrew Brandou

Last night I went to an exhibition of the work of Andrew Brandou at the London store of 'Maharishi' in Floral Street, Covent Garden. The illustrations are very interesting and are from a series called 'After Audubon.' I would describe them as botanical meets contemporary urban illustration. There are some original watercolours and some prints also. It is an exhibition worth a visit if you are in the area!

For the artist's website
Follow this link

Saturday, November 10

Shipps Tearoom and a long walk in wintery central London

Please excuse the excessive number of photo's in this blog entry...I have attempted today to take at least a morning and afternoon off was a little bittersweet I have to say! I had a lovely day with Stephanie we went to Shipps Tearooms in Borough and then for a long walk into Covent Garden. Along the way we passed the 'Golden Hinde' and a beautiful statue, all pictured below. Along with a photo that captures the beauty of autumn/winter in London. Although I was not appreciating it's beauty whilst freezing in one of my highly impractical winter coats. I adored the statue (It's in the park next to Embankment)...that's me being attracted to tragedy again (a worry!?)...she looks how I feel at times!

Anyway apart from this I am experiencing problems with my printer/scanning. I hate technical problems... they're the kind of problems that stress me out to excessive levels! I hope I can sort it! Another hectic week awaits me it seems....

p.s. I'm still looking for a new sketchbook, I am so determined NOT to buy a moleskine...although having said that I did very nearly buy one the other day, it was a close call...Think even through my determination I will end up submissing on this occasion!

Thursday, November 8

A New Illustration for Christmas.....

"Amelia Gathers Magical Herbs at Night"
a scene from Giuseppe Verdi's 'Un Ballo Maschera'
Cristina Petrucci 2007
(Lead Pencil on Watercolour Paper)

This is my official Christmas image. Only 6 weeks to go....argh! This will be my first professional christmas card. I went today before work to approve the proof at the printers. I took so long over this illustration as I've been so busy over the last few weeks and those perfectionist tendencies were rearing their ugly head once more.....

Wednesday, November 7

'The Golden Age of Couture' at The Victoria and Albert Museum

(Photo of Mr Christian Dior himself)
A must see exhibition!

Sunday, November 4

The end of a sketchbook era.... some artist's will appreciate, your sketchbook is like your best friend. You build up a relationship with it that is built on comfort, trust, ease and familiarity. Like an old jumper that keeps you warm in the winter. I've not always been a keen sketchbook devotee, but then maybe I was always waiting for the right one to come along.

Well, I have to say, for the first time in my history as an artist, this is the sketchbook that I have bonded with the most. We first met in April 2007, a gift (men always seem to give me expensive jewellery or perfumes for me!?).

It was not until June/July that I first got fully acquainted with the new sketchbook in my life. By which time the relationship/friendship with the person who first introduced us was at an end. (I don't usually talk personal issues on the blog, but I feel that in this instance it helps to explain an artist's connection with the humble sketchbook.)

Four months later and just one page remains. Memories of trip's to the coffee house and the National Gallery, flash before my eyes. We even traveled to Italy together!

Will I ever find another sketchbook of my dreams?

P.s. If anyone knows where I can get a good sketchbook that is NOT Moleskine (I hate Moleskine's...they're so soul less!) let me know, please!