Monday, October 29

I'm Famous....!?!?

I randomly found out today that I have been quoted on the 'Society of Antiquaries of London,' online magazine, 'SALON.'

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"In this age of blogs, it is also gratifying to note the unsolicited observations of visitors to the exhibition, including Cristina Petrucci, illustrator and costume designer, whose website records: ‘I spent a big part of today at the Royal Academy of Arts. The “Making History: Antiquaries in Britain 1707–2007” was amazing. One of the best exhibitions I have seen in a long time.’"

Christopher Catling

Friday, October 26

Back to Bookbinding....

I took today off work because of the overwhelming amount of art work I have to do. At the moment all I want to do is draw but today I HAD to get these bookbindings started. Think after these I'm going to quit bookbinding for a while, as I just have way too much on my plate at the moment. However, I have to say I was quite impressed with how I managed to get the paper on the top binding to be mirror image!

I probably haven't mentioned yet, but I'm going to be a creative mentor, seeing as I am now a 'professional'....I start my training next Thursday. I hope that I can make a success of this challenge...

Also, I want to say thank you to my friends for their support and artistic crits, whilst I've been developing all this new work....

....There is more to come, so stay posted!

Wednesday, October 24

A mid-week update!

This is a detail of a new illustration. Just thought I'd post up an update, even though things are much the same in 'Cristina's world of costume illustration.' However stay posted for developments on the new website, launching in early 2008. At the moment, I'm spending too much time drawing, obsessing over drawing when I'm not drawing, drawing and eating biscotti at the same time, listening to the smashing pumpkins and wearing costume.....

Tuesday, October 16

I'm Back........

"The Devil Steals the Moon and Stars Plunging the Village into Darkness"
(A Scene from the Opera 'Noch'Pered Rozhdestrom')
Cristina Petrucci 2007 (Lead Pencil on Watercolour Paper)

"An Ode to Joe" Cristina Petrucci 2007 (Lead Pencil on Watercolour Paper)

Saturday, October 13

An Update

I've been very busy lately, working and drawing, drawing and working. I have some 'exciting' new work to post up next week, but as I think I've mentioned before, I'm having the images professionally scanned.

Apart from that, and the usual drama's of life, not much else has been happening. I've been so busy that I have not yet had the time to get the two bookbindings I desperately need to get done.

Anyway, stay posted for what I hope is the anticipated unveiling of my new work.

Tuesday, October 9

Bring Back Summer....

....outside 'The National Gallery,' today at midday! Please take note of my rather fabulous umbrella...

Another Sketchbook page

Sunday, October 7

sketchbook development of ideas....

Wednesday, October 3


I just thought I'd post up a quick note to update on recent developments...

The sneak preview below is my first costume illustration in over a year. Since finishing the MA, I had some time developing and experimenting, but my heart lies with illustrating costumes, as I learnt with this piece...that finally got named today! I need to have it professionally scanned as it's a bit of an unusual size and so can not post up the image yet.

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about the direction of my art. I'm a bit of an enigma, I think! I'm not a costume designer in the true sense of the word, but then again, I don't fall into the category of an illustrator....I think I'm some kind of cross breed! This is what I hope to exploit in my new project, it is also what I hope will make me interesting and different.

I am in the midst of a very exciting personal project, that I am researching at the moment. I was very happy to get in the post today the book I ordered from Amazon, that is part of this research. It's called 'The Opera Lover's Companion.' I planned to carry it around with me and read it before work and during lunch breaks, but it's bigger and heavier than I anticipated. I will however give it a try!

Today I had tea in Greenwich with Sarah and her neighbour. It was nice to catch up and get some feedback on my new work from my very talented illustrator friend.

There is so much to do, I also need to make two new photo ablums asap.....These are a couple of random images from the sketchbook....

Tuesday, October 2

a sneak preview

This is a detail of an illustration that I've pretty much finished. It remains untitled for the moment, as I can't decide on a suitable title befitting of the sentiment and meaning behind the picture. As is usual with me, it is about tragedy and love....

I have to admit that I find it very difficult to say that an illustration is completed. This can lead to overworking a piece of art, which is no good....!

Monday, October 1

The Traveller's Companion....

....these are a few photo's I took of the illustrations inside the 80 year old book I bought for Stephanie. I've developed a real love for antique books lately....