Wednesday, May 23

learning to relax

I've been trying to teach myself to relax and I thought what better way to do it than read a book. I managed to sit in pret on my lunch break yesterday and read for 30 minutes (a record for me, as I'm very easily distracted when reading!). I guess my choice of book (left) is not your conventional relaxation material, but it works for me!

Our last day at School!

Me and Charlene completed our placement at St James' school in New Cross Gate today. The Giant fruits still need a few finishing touches but this was our last day teaching year 4. The highlight of the day being when a couple of the girls made me a daisy and buttercup chain. I thought was really sweet.....I will post up details of the exhibition in due time. It will be held in the Oxo Tower and I believe that the private view evening is on Wednesday 11th July.

Sunday, May 20


....This will be another busy week! Unless I haven't mentioned it yet (I know, I've probably mentioned it at least 10 times already...) it's my birthday next Sunday. I always get very philosophical and sentimental about turning another year older. If I think about it too hard, I find it so hard to believe that I'm a fully blown adult! I also seem to use the 27th of May as a marker to measure how much my life has or hasn't changed. The year that has passed from my 24th birthday, has seen a lot of changes for me, personally and professionally. I have to say, that this year more than all the others, I feel I have become a lot more wiser.

(The photo is of me twenty years ago!)

I've also been considering whether or not to attend the graduation in July. I haven't thought about it since I got the invitation in the post months ago. I've missed the deadline and will have to pay extra. But, to be honest, I feel like I will be going back and that's something that I don't believe in. Sounds stupid, I know, but I have very different associations with my MA than everyone else.

Anyway, last week I was working alot. I caught up with Jo Wong on wednesday and yesterday I went into Liberty to listen to Will give his training about the Shepherds products that we sell. Today I've been working on the giant fruit (seen below), as well as baking lots of things....I find this therapuetic and creative, in a weird sort of way! Next week, apart from teaching, and working the 'day job,'I hope to plan some interesting things to do for the bank holiday weekend. Stay posted....

The Big Apple.....

....but at the moment it's looking more like a giant strawberry! I'm working on a giant paper mache fruit as me and Charlene are completing our voluntary teaching post this Wednesday. We're going to teach all day and hopefully finish all the outstanding work. I've been intending to do a giant fruit for ages....

Tuesday, May 8

More updates....

Today, after getting only two hours sleep (I think a result of my coffee binge drinking, earlier that day)...I went to Cafe Nero in Bloomsbury (Which is near where Will works).... I again attempted to do some very important 'paper-work.' Unfortunately I think the sleep deprivation inhibited my concentration span! Anyway, Will joined me for a coffee (obviously the highlight of my day). And after aimlessly wondering around London and sharing a sandwich with a friend, I'm back at home to continue my important 'paperwork.' I think my artist's block has developed into writers block... Anyhow, I'm working for the next four days in a row and it's my Mum's birthday on Saturday. I'm really disappointed that I couldn't get the time off work to go away with Will, for his mother's wedding...Or that I couldn't get the Saturday off to spend with my Mum. As the Rollings Stones once said..."you can't always get what you want....." Adieu.

Monday, May 7

(Bank Holiday) Monday Blues.....

Here is a link to mine and Charlene's project plan for the kids at St James's School, online:

I've drunk way too many Soya mocha's today, and I'm suffering from 'caffeine stimulated hyperness syndrome.' This is through no fault of my own. I was determined not to leave Cafe Nero until I had done some serious work! Therefore, somewhere amoungst my attempts to work really hard, I forgot that Cristina + too much caffeine = disasterous results!