Saturday, January 26


Where to start? Well, I've been a bit slack on updating my blog lately. This is for a couple of reasons.....1. I was staying with my grandparents for nearly a month because of a near boiler-related disaster at home. They have no internet, a blessing in disguise me thinks. 2. I've also been ill pretty much for the duration of christmas, new year and well, all of January.... along with the rest of Britain, it seems! I am still ill now, despite all my incredible holistic efforts to get myself back to full health. Life Sucks.

On a good note. I have been working loads in my sketchbook. By the way, I ended up buying a moleskine....don't judge me, there is a distinct lack of good affordable sketchbooks on the market.

My business cards have met with much praise and admiration. Which makes me very happy.

On another good note. I'm working on my website again, after a break over Christmas.

There is more VERY VERY VERY good news. BUT, I'm to suspicious to say anything until all comes together hopefully in the next couple of weeks.

Apart from this, I have enjoyed many a coffee and biscotti with friends and one very nice day trip back to Borough Market in the past few weeks.

(Photo: detail of work in progress illustration 'The Love For Three Oranges')

Tuesday, January 15

Sketchbook Update

Tuesday, January 1

New Year's Resolutions

I've been away from blogger for a while, what with Christmas and the New Year! I can not wait till things get back to normal. I have started a new sketchbook and have loads in the pipeline for 2008. Here is me immortalising my 2008 resolutions:

1. To be Proactive at all times
2. Focus on my Career
3. To have an Exhibition by the end of 2008
4. Take a risk.....
5. Be a 'Social Butterfly'

New Year, New Sketchbook......

...starting the year and the sketchbook as I mean to go on....